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  • Dr Sung, Just wanted to thank so much for your help with Tessa. You can imagine how upset we were/are and with me 3000 miles away was tough. Also I really appreciate how great you have been with Stephanie particularly when I wasn’t there. You are a really special doctor and your kindness and professionalism is better than any doctor I’ve dealt with in my 40 years.Thank you so much.

  • I had a breast augmentation procedure with Dr. Sung. The staff was very friendly, supportive and honest about everything. Dr. Sung was very professional, and he focused on educating me about the details of the procedure and various options available. The reason I chose Dr. Sung’s office was because Dr. Sung was able to listen and provide me with his honest opinion related to my surgery. After the surgery, family and friends were amazed to see how natural-looking the result was. I’m happy with the result and with the compliments received from everyone. I came back for a few additional procedures because of the comfortable office environment. I feel like we are all family at Dr. Sung’s office.

  • In praise of Dr Sung………. It is always a worrying process having work done on your face. After all, it’s your image, your public mask, and it feels very threatening having it changed, even for the better. That’s why Dr Sung was such a help to me: I felt -and still go to him for occasional work- that he gives serious and qualified advice and his attitude is very comforting. You immediately trust the way he works, and that’s essential. But even more importantly, the work he does is very deft and super efficient: my face has really improved incredibly, it took at least 10 years off me, and Dr Sung followed me through the post-proceedure with care. So I want to quote my husband, who after a few weeks of recovery said to me one morning, “Oh it’s like waking up with a Rembrandt!” I would have preferred the Mona Lisa, but he meant it well….! Many thanks to Dr Sung for his professionalism and humane attitude.

  • I can not thank you enough…. I wish I could repay you in some way for such generosity and for your kind heart. But please know that I will absolutely pay this forward as I do believe in karma. Thank you! Thank you! You have no idea what it has meant to me. I have never met a doctor that is as amazing as you are. The girls that you have working at the front desk are absolutely a delight as well. Dorothy is one of the sweetest girls I have ever spoken to. She was incredibly helpful and caring as well. All of the girls were. You’ve got a really great staff.

  • Dr. Sung and his staff could not have been nicer, and while I was a little scared, they made me feel that I was in the best of hands. Dr. Sung was gentle and worked for a long time on my injury while talking to me and my husband the whole time and putting us at ease. I would recommend Dr. Jimmy Sung anytime for any kind of facial reconstruction.

  • Dr. Sung is clearly one of those rare doctors you’ll find these days that actually cares about helping and healing his patients. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

  • I came to see Dr. Sung back in April in desperate need of a breast reduction I had put off for many years. I did research on Dr. Sung before I immediately made my decision on if he was the right doctor for this procedure. Upon my arrival I first noticed a calm peaceful feeling you receive by entering his office located on Wall Street. He has a waterfall inside which calms your nerves and makes you feel relaxed and at peace. You are also greeted by his staff who are very attentive to your needs and understand the pressure and nervousness you may be feeling. They somewhat become friends as you can easily talk and laugh with them with ease. They walk you through all the necessary paper work and actions you need to take while making your visit to Dr.Sung’s office. The day of surgery at the hospital the staff were warm and inviting as well; they walked and talked to me while walking to the OR they made me feel relaxed as well. I talked to Dr. Sung as he took his final measurements and even makes a few jokes. We all laugh, going into surgery I was nervous but they all (Dr. Sung’s staff ) made feel at ease. Waking up the staff was amazing and so attentive to my needs. I was woozy and nauseous but they made sure those feelings subsided. Fast forward to this week when I had the bandages taken off. I was moved to tears at the results and my new breasts. He did such a wonderful job – I cried tears of joy. Thank you Dr. Sung to you and your amazing staff, I am truly grateful.

    Tiffany P.
  • Dr. Sung and staff SAVED MY LIFE after I was wheeled into the ER and in septic shock. I had caught a life-threatening infection from dirty utensils used in my fat transfer procedure. Dr Sung and his staff worked feverishly in the OR and then placed me on life support until my lungs were strong enough where I could breathe on my own. I was just amazed how smart he was. He didn’t sugar coat anything and informed me 100 percent of the time. He was very respectful to my family and available to them all the time. The entire staff was concerned for me and told me so. They took my pain complaints seriously and managed my pain. I can’t thank him enough.

    Lisa P.
  • Met Dr. Sung at the ER, after getting 2.5″ cut in the middle of my forehead that went all the way to the skull..In the Emergency Room he was very professional, patient and even caring. During the recovery, the experience was consistent, and more than how nice he was, he did an AMAZING job! I got 15 stitches, 5 inside 10 outside, and honestly felt that “huge” scare was gonna make me “Harry Potter” for life… Thanks to his great job, now people can’t even notice it! It’s been a year now, but I would say it started to look awesome within the first 3 months. I would totally recommend him!

    Daniela T.
  • I would highly recommend Dr. Sung for all your plastic, reconstructive & nonsurgical needs! He is far more than just a doctor. He is a friend who cares about what he administers to you- many doctors in the city will just give you whatever you ask for even if it’s not what’s best for you or even if you don’t need it. Dr. Sung takes pride in the services he provides for you. I went to Dr. Sung just weeks before I competed in the 2013 Olympia Bikini Fitness Competition in Las Vegas. I was very nervous about this because Olympia is the most competitive stage in the world but he took great care of me and it allowed me to have that extra confidence I needed to knock’em dead on stage! Thank you Dr. Sung I will see you again shortly!

    Christina Oden Bikini Fitness Model
  • I am a disabled FDNY Hon Battalion Chief who spent 7 months at the World Trade Center site after the 9/11 attacks. I also am one of the directors of the Ground Zero Museum. Last summer, I had a surgeon (not Dr. Sung) remove 5 tumors from my body and one of the tumors – in my right arm – was in a high tension – flexible spot. The original surgeon didn’t stitch it up properly and days later I found myself in a hospital ER with a open, gaping wound – not good. That’s where I met Dr. Jimmy Sung, who was paged by the Emergency Room to come in on a Sunday afternoon to re-stitch a very tricky wound. I hate hospitals and sorry to say I don’t like doctors too much. I was sitting there and Dr. Sung walked in and I gotta be honest in that the guy was like a warm welcoming face in a rain storm. He immediately started cracking jokes to make me more at ease and calm me down and it worked. He was VERY ATTENTIVE & professional and worked artwork on my big wound. His attitude was a pleasure to be around and more doctors need to be like this man and learn from his “bedside manner.” He was a total package of great personality mixed with a top rate plastic surgeon. The scar healed well and my follow up visit with his office staff presented me with very warm welcoming folks. I highly recommend Dr. Sung. One of New York’s Bravest.

    Gary G.